Primedia and Paramount partnership paves the way for broader audience reach

Primedia Group (Primedia), the owner of a broad portfolio of broadcasting and out-of-home assets, has entered into a strategic partnership with Paramount Global (Paramount), formerly ViacomCBS, providing clients and partners with a compelling audience engagement solution, that considerably broadens reach.

The industry-leading collaboration between prominent media brands, Primedia and Paramount - the first of its kind in South Africa - is a natural evolution in delivering a multi-platform content strategy in a highly competitive and dynamic environment. This partnership brings together the powerful and popular mass mediums of television and radio, presenting attractive, integrated solutions for clients and partners. What it further enables is the ability to leverage a more engaging mix of advertising channels that reaches a broader audience base – all of which will be very valuable in unlocking greater commercial value for clients and partners.

“As an audience-led business, we look for compelling solutions that continually broaden our content reach while continuing to diversify our audience base. We appreciate that audiences are increasingly consuming content, utilising different platforms – from radio to TV and digital. It is this understanding that continues to influence and catalyse our omnichannel strategies. This partnership will present solutions that are attractive to a diverse audience and simplifies access for brands,” says Lindile Xoko, chief revenue officer, Primedia Broadcasting.

The growth of radio and the prevalence of television - and increasingly, streaming - amplifies the need to create audience-led solutions that offer a diverse channel solution where content is king. This game-changing collaboration is a significant step forward for Primedia and Paramount, as both brands continue to offer diverse content, a streaming model, mix of platforms and reach - all in response to the evolving, media consumption patterns of audiences.

“We firmly believe that this joint television and radio media offering, which has been carefully co-designed, will pave the way for greater successes across the media trade. This excites us about the benefits we will be able to realise for media agencies, clients and the broader media industry. What we are also optimistic about is how this collaboration will strengthen the position and competitiveness of the South African media industry. It's a great opportunity to further showcase the power and growth of African content across the markets,” adds Strini Naicker, vice president of commercial and content distribution for Paramount in Africa.

“Given the significant impact of multi-media proliferation, it is crucial that similar, targeted demographic media products - from different media platforms - come together. Based on this, fusing the offering across Primedia and Paramount allows us to optimise reach – through pervasive, mass-media platforms - for new and existing audiences.”

Speaking on Primedia’s commitment towards driving inclusive access, Xoko concludes; “We recognise how important it is for Primedia to broaden our content offering towards a more diverse and inclusive audience and we believe that this partnership allows us to accelerate the realisation of this priority.”

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