Zee TV Launches new show Sanjog

ZEE TV, over the past three decades, has emerged as a broadcaster that brings its viewers stories that mirror their world, touches upon topics close to their hearts and introduces them to characters which they fall in love with!

Having brought its viewers interesting shows that have resonated beautifully with audiences across Africa and the world, Zee TV brings its viewers a BRAND -NEW series, Sanjog.

Sanjog is an intense family drama tracking the journey of two mothers, Amrita and Gauri, who are from diverse backgrounds but have one thing in common; that unsettling feeling of not being able to see themselves in their own daughters. Little do they know that the daughter they have been raising is not their own…. What follows is an intriguing narrative of what true motherhood is all about. Look forward to well-known faces such as Kamya Panjabi and Shefali Sharma in the main roles with supporting actors Hetvi Sharma and Hezal Shah.

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